C H I L D R E N ' S   C O R N E R

Snuggled into a corner is a special place for young children to enjoy while their parents browse through the museum. With low chairs placed beside an old fireplace mantle from a pioneer dwelling, this is just the right place for looking at picture books or rocking one of the old dolls.

A braided rug before the fireplace sees many small boys building forts with Lincoln logs and playing with miniature soldiers. There are also coloring books of Indians, shells and animals.

A tall mirror invites children to dress up with a raccoon cap, cowboy and Indian outfits, a party dress and beads, Seminole skirts or other intriguing items.

On shelves nearby, there are Indian artifacts as well as shells and arrowheads, skulls of turtles and an armadillo. A model of a Timaquan village, made as a class project by a local middle-school student, is a favorite of most children.

A sign invites the children to "Please Handle!"