Notes and Jottings from an Old Bible

The Word a Whetstone

It gives edge to our testimony -- Acts 2:37
Keenness to our vision -- Acts 17:11,12
Courage in our ministry -- 2 Tim. 2:15
Intensity to our love -- Acts 16:14,15
Alertness to our faith -- Acts 16:33,34
Tone to our spiritual life -- Psa. 1:2,3
Equipment for service -- 2 Tim. 3:16,17

It is possible that the above outline was taken from the writings of the
late C.H.Spurgeon, to which we believe were added notes as to the Word being a
Key-Stone in preaching, doctrine, etc., a Grave-stone for self and pride; a
Foundation-stone upon which to build; and a Lode-stone to draw out our love and


'To whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are' (Rom. 6:16).

This is a solemn statement, and its full force is seen when reading the
context we find sin personified. Servants of sin, servants of unrighteousness,
servants of uncleanness; or on the other hand, servants of righteousness, of
holiness, of God.

The great exhortation is found in verse 11: 'reckon ye also yourselves to
be dead indeed unto sin'. You know very well that sin is with you, but Christ
has died, and died for you. God has reckoned your sin to Him, His righteousness
to you; now in the power of that reckoning, live and serve. Here then is no
empty doctrine, but living truth. May we live in the light of our reckoning with
Christ, and seek to serve Him.