May 2003

One year ago, several new women joined the Lavender Menace Board.  Many changes have taken place in the structure of the organization, and we feel the need to return to a similar format in recognizing members, that was adopted during the creation of Lavender Menace over ten years ago.  Over the years, the organization has drifted away from this practice, and we are looking at the future with hopes of a more unified organization.

Below is the Lavender Menace Philosophy that we would like for you to read. If you agree with these philosophies and would like to be recognized as Lavender Menace member, please complete the form.  We understand that many members may have signed this agreement and given contact information in the past.  However, we are also using this tool to make sure we have the most up-to-date information for each member, as we do not want to leave anyone out.  You may return the completed form to a Board Member at any Lavender Menace event, or you may send the completed form to our mailing address listed above.

Thank you, in advance, for your overall support of Lavender Menace.   Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,
Lavender Menace Board Members

Lavender Menace 

Statement of Philosophy

Lavender Magic, dba Lavender Menace, is a recreational, social and cultural organization for lesbians.It’s purpose is to provide a safe space...psychically, socially and physically...for lesbians to interact, network, create and play.The philosophy of this organization rests on the values of the following concepts:

1.All women in this organization are to be supported in their private decisions about being “out”.We support women who choose to be publicly out about their sexual orientation just as we respect and protect the right of women to be silent on this issue.Though this is a proud lesbian organization, we welcome bisexual and heterosexual women to participate, and we make no assumption about a woman’s sexual orientation.

2. This organization respects diversity and encourages participation by all members.

3. While realizing that a “women’s model of competition” has not yet been articulated, we strive to discover, develop and demonstrate such a model, which include the following elements: self-responsibility, reciprocal respect and learning to resolve conflict within a context of mutual trust and understanding.

4. The art of playing is crucial to the development of a healthy mind-body-heart-spirit and is encouraged in all undertakings.

5. We appreciate the importance of the way decisions are made.Therefore, we will utilize a form of decision-making which contains the best elements of all known models, while striving to evolve an ever more effective and inclusive process for building community.

LM is incorporated under IRS codes, Section 501(c)(4) which is a tax-exempt status for non-profit recreational, social and cultural organizations.It is not a tax-deductible status.It operates under established bylaws developed and approved by members.Any women past the age of 18 may become a member of LM.






Please fill out this form if you agree with the LM Philosophy, participate in any LM Event (i.e. Fan, Social Event and/or Sporting Event), and would like to become a recognized member of Lavender Menace.

Mail to:

Lavender Menace

P.O. Box 5932

Gainesville, FL 32627