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Key Biscayne, Florida, USA

The Key Biscayne Music & Drama Club (KBMDC), which organized in 1956, can be found at the Calusa Playhouse in Calusa Park on Key Biscayne. The playhouse has been there since 1969. In 1990 Calusa Playhouse attained the honor of being designated a Dade County Historic Site. But two things happened to it that caused many people within the KBMDC community to react: the playhouse closed in January 1995 due to overall weathering and age, and a fire consumed major portions of the playhouse a mere six weeks after the building closed. Most of the props, costumes and lighting and sound equipment were also destroyed by the blaze.

The primary focus of the KBMDC is the Calusa Playhouse Restoration Project. The Calusa Playhouse Restoration Committee of the KBMDC has been hard at work to rebuild the Calusa Playhouse, almost completely from the ground up.

Restoring the Calusa Playhouse

Donations for the Calusa Playhouse

The Key Biscayne Music & Drama Club

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