White Toast hurried to the scene of the raid.   |  |  |Cheese Mage
followed after him, both afraid of the sight that\_|_/they knew 
must be waiting for them. They arrived. Spamlings__|_________lay 
everywhere, with the distinctive forks of the  _/       _    \TOE
buried in their bodies. There were a very few /        /_|  _/|who
were merely wounded, and these were taken off|\____________/  |to 
be treated. White Toast looked sadly upon the|                |
dead Spamlings and then left. Cheese Mage    | X              /
cleared the bodies from the field for burial \____/_____\____/in a
properly decorated tin. Poor Spamlings, he      _/ | |   \_thought
sadly. They weren't good fighters, maybe, but   /| | |   |\brave,
and disciplined and nice. He would miss them.. he  |/|\ hurried 
off to make sure White Toast wouldn't be doing something foolish. 
White Toast would certainly feel to blame for the whole mess..
          _________ | | |
When     (*********)\_|_/Cheese Mage arrived in White Toast's 
quarters, l**O*O**l   |White Toast had already hung up his hat and
fork on a/l*******l\  |hook. He had just begun covering himself in
black. -/ l*******l \-|Despite Cheese Mage's protests, he insisted
that a /|   |   |   |\|very good way to get rid of a movement was 
to kill the_|_ _|_    |leader, and a very good way to kill the     
leader was  ^   ^     |to sneak into his house and off him in the 
wee hours of the morning. White Toast set out.
White Toast crept along the hardened ground, keeping well   /|   |    
out of the sight of any guards who might happen by. After  | |___|
some time, he reached the huge wall of the outside of the  | |  | 
stronghold of the TOE. He threw his rope (the end of which | |__|_
was covered by a jam specially designed to make such things| | |  
hold fast) up to the top of the wall and began to climb. It| |_|__
took a while, naturally, but eventually he made it all the | |   |
way up. He snuck along passageways and through rooms, in a | |___|
search for the whereabouts of Burned Toast. Strapped to his| |  | 
back was a rounded spamling fork...one could not exactly <-->|__|_
say that his actions were the result of cool, rational   |oo|| |  
thought, rather than revenge.. White Toast searched the /|**||_|__
odd maze of a castle in which Burned Toast lived, until   || |___|
he came upon him in an ersatz throne room lined with -------------
huge pillars of jam and a nasty little butterdog, called Manteiga 
or sometime Mantequilla, who was being petted...
To use a  /..^*&%#\regrettable cliche- meanwhile, back at the 
castle-   |_.^*&%#| Ketoth's, to be precise, Pikat was more than a
little    /| - - |\vexed. So much of her time was used to keep a 
balance  | |  _  | |of things, and Nemoth had thrown that off
like last|  \___/  |year's fashions to a felix sapiens. Her drive
to see __|__|---|__|__ Nemoth pay was nothing like White Toast's,
being  \    \___/    /fed by neither revenge or a sense of justice
or even/|   |   |   |\her own marked dislike for the green-skinned
god-  | \   |   |   / |what motivated her was closer to a need for
the   |  |  |   |  |  | status to remain quo.. But whatever her 
motiv-|  |  |   |  |  |ations, she had resolved that Nemoth would 
regret|  |  |   |  |  |the spamling massacre that he had caused 
that |   |  |   |  |   |(equally personally offensive) scion of 
his  |   |  |   |  |   |to carry out. She informed him of the doom
that |  |  |     |  |  |was soon to impend, gaining the reaction 
of   |  |  |     |  |  |megalomaniac villains throughout history- 
evil\ \_|  |     |  |__//laughter. And as evil laughter goes, even
this \ ||..|     |..|| /was second rate. No kick to it. Pikat 
began / |..|     |..| \the process that would lead to CUUI having
to    \_|..|     |..|_/pick a new freezergod- she hoped. She felt  
it was  |\^|     |^/|a shame, though- and the twins had shown such 
promise.|^\|     |/^|Just then some of the food she had asked for
arrived,|&&\     /&&|and she went down to talk to them. Nemoth,
safe in |&&|\   /|&&|his own castle, stopped for a moment to 
ponder |***| \ / |***|Pikat's declarations. Perhaps, he thought,
she was|***|  \  |***|actually serious. Of course, though, that 
could  |%%%|_/ \__%%%|never be. She wasn't even a member of the
PoAG in|%%%//| |_||%%|her own right, she was only a servant of his
bounder|##|/ /  `-`##|of a twin brother. *snort* PICKLES couldn't 
even be \#|_______|#/plugged in. And that was one advantage that 
his object-of-godhood had over hers. Even IF everyone hated the 
freezers. So she could just take her pickles and eat them.
                   _\| _________ |/_
White Toast was not  \(*********)/pleased. In fact, if one were to
be perfectly truthful,\l**O*O**l/terrified would have been much
closer to the sentimentl*******lhe was experiencing at that point  
in time. His attempt onl*******lthe admittedly foul life of the  
TOE leader had been cut  |   |off before he knew what was going    
on. (White Toast did not_|_ _|_realize, of course, that this was a      
result of a tip given by ^   ^Nemoth, who was naturally keeping an 
eye on this sort of thing.) Now he was chained securely into a 
cell in the proverbial dark, dank dungeon, and scheduled for 
scorching in the Toaster Quebrado who only knew when. White Toast 
shivered unhappily and wished for someone to free him.
   _  ___                 ___  _
As| -/  /____---------____\  \- |the saying goes, be careful what 
  \_/  /    /         \    \  \_/you wish for. As White Toast sat
   |__|    |    O O    |    |__|anticipating his eventual demise,
the   |    |           |    |door opened, and in walked something      
that he\____\/       \/____/had never in his life seen before. It
was a food_/---------\_that was for sure, but it was the oddest 
blody ___/    |    |   \___food HE'd ever seen! She was bread, but 
all   /|     _|_  _|_    |\wrapped round, and buttery looking. She 
grabbed sharp ^    ^ stuff off of her back and cut him free.

Hi, she said. I don't have much /\ of a name, but I'm the Rogue 
Croissant from the Land of the //\\Yuppy Foods. Lets get out of 
here. She hurried him out of the||room, but not before scratching
the shape of Pikat's staff on   '' the wall. White Toast grabbed
his Spamling fork and ran after/  \her. They ran down the insane 
looking halls that comprised   |  | Burned Toast's chosen dwelling
place and reached the top of   |  | the walls. White Toast and the
Rogue Croissant jumped, landing\__/with a soft squishy sound. When
they finally returned to White  || Toast's headquarters, he went 
in his toaster for a while, and || then fell securely asleep.
                 _________ | | |
Burned Toast was/*********\ \|/experiencing a state of emotions
described by his/l       l\ /|\followers as Not Happy, with 
cringing in the /l       l\  |appropriate spots. He had come in in
the morning,  -/ l_______l \-|looking forward to a fun session of
interrogation /|   |   |   |\|with White Toast, and he was gone!
Not only that, but_|_ _|_    |there was that writing on the wall, 
the picture that   ^   ^     |*mysteriously* matched up with the 
shape of Pikat's staff. He went to talk to Nemoth about it.
Nemoth was also Not Happy, though of course, Nemoth not   |_______
being one to be outdone by his followers, to a greater     |%%%%%%
degree than Burned Toast. He was Not Happy at the escape of|%%%%%%
White Toast. He was Not Happy because Burned Toast was    /%%%%%%%
whining at him. He was Not Happy because he liked his   /%_______
plans to work smoothly and it wasn't happening. But most|%|
of all, he was Not Happy because of the inscription on  |%|  J  A
the wall. He didn't like the idea that there might be   |%|_______
something to Pikat after all. He didn't like it because  \%%%%%%%%
it meant that he would probably be thrown out of his house\%%%%%%%
as another example of an Appliance God gone bad. He decided\%%%%%%
to see if he couldn't get Pikat whacked off. After all, she |%%%%%
wouldn't be pursuing any vendettas from six feet under the  |%%%%%
ground. He smiled. Pikat rolled her eyes. As if he could get|%%%%%
an assassin within a hundred feet of her. Sometimes, she    /%%%%%
thought, the sheer stupidity of most of the Pantheon       |%%%%%%
members depresses me. She checked quickly on White Toast to|%%%%%%
make sure he was fine and then called the Rogue Croissant. |______
The Rogue   {{|}}}        ^ Croissant walked in, dropped all her 
weapons, and| o o|waited. O After a bit Pikat appeared. Hey, the 
Croissant    \__/said. I  v did what you asked. He's out, and they
hadn't got __/  \__'round |to roughing him up much. He'll be okay.
Yes, I    /\"\__/"/\know  |that, Pikat answered. I just looked in
on him.  | |      ||I'd   |also watch your back, said the Rogue.
Nemoth   |_/      \|and   |that git Burned Toast aren't going to 
exactly  \.'     './\____./|jump for joy when they see the mark I
left on  /         \_____.\|that wall... I know that too, said
Pikat.   \.        lI've  |already had a threat on my life. Don't 
worry too|l  .     lmuch  |about it. The day Nemoth is a problem 
for me is|l   .    lthe   |day I take a running jump off something
tall.    \l        lThe   |Rogue grinned. I know what you mean, 
she said. /        l      |Incompetent son of a fish, isn't he?
Quite.   l         \The   |Rogue Croissant laughed again. I've
got one  l          lmore |job for you before this mess is through
Pikat    l      ..  lsaid.|Fine, no problem, go for it, what is
the      l          l     |bloody thing? replied the Croissant. 
Calm,    l      ..  lPikat| said.  The Rogue Croissant from the 
Land of  \__       _/the  |Yuppy Foods raised an eyebrow, and 
waited      \_____/happily while Pikat outlined what she needed.

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