I remember being on this cruise ship, and me and all the guests were 
seated at this one humongous table for dinner. I don't remember who 
any of the guests were, except for John Travolta as the character he 
plays in the movie Phenomenon.

After dinner, I go outside on the deck, and the boat is in a beautiful
bay, but it's terribly windy...all I hear and feel is wind...but then I
could hear very very faint guitar strains, and I knew I knew the song. I
had to strain to listen...so I go inside where I think the music is coming
from..."inside" though really wasn't inside...there was a celing, but it
was all open to the out side, only supported by columns, so the wind was
still very loud. But then, despite the howling wind I could make out the
music and I was filled with joy!

Someone (Travolta?) came over and said, "What's going on?" I said,
"Ssh...listen. Can't you hear it?" "No." "The music! It's 'Solsbury
Hill'!" I said gleefully. And then I woke up.

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