This one's for you, CUUI!

I love toast.

I like to be enigmatic about toast... hence the following.

Toast is a thing of joy. Toast is something that brings meaning to your miserable little life Also included here is a toast essay aforementioned friend lith wrote, for happiness. Also, for extreme joyousness, I have an ode to the appliance that made it all possible- toasters. To find the place where the cult of CUUI got started, look deep into the well of cinnamony, buttery, crispy warm wonderful lness and you shall find it. Of course, there are always toaster ovens but we Idiots have come to a consensus: while not as wonderful as a toaster, they are certainly much more wonderful than your average, say, refigerator. And, of course, we must never overlook the academic Toast world. Toast is a lovely, mysterious thing. I shall even go so far as to say that toast is one answer to several questions, be they raisiny, curranty, or simply joyful and bready. Some have even erected shrines to it. We made a < a href="">movie about it. Haikus have been written praising the Grainy Comestible. Poems have been written, singing the joy of toast.One group na med their band after the hallowed, carbonized burnt toast

I've also got, for those not interested in the holistic approach, a Simpletoast document. Go for it, and ease your aching skull!

Get back! Get back! Get back to where you once belonged!