When once upon the fair, green grass
I saw a toaster fly
I thought, "'tis good  that such as this
Should happen in the sky"

Its metal sheen, its toasty joy
Caused me to look for bread
I searched the world that sunny day
But it had always fled

And soon again, the toaster left
I knew it always would
Until I found the perfect bread
To make its toaster hood.

So 'till my dying day I searched
For bread so grainy  fine
That I should see the toaster more
That Toaster might be mine

I searched and searched, but still the bread
Stood up and ran away
And to my grave, a sad sad man
Went toastless, crushed, and gray.

Yet still a ghost haunts bakeries,
In search of joyous bread
For he forever looks for toast
Through all the world he'll tread.

Have a bite of Toast!