Me, Mori, and this guy who I don't know are trying to get into
this building where we know pete is in. We try everything, but
we can't get inside (I'm wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe
the whole time in this dream, BTW) But then finally this guy
whom I know for real at work shows up, and he get's us inside
without any problems. "I know the people inside." He says.
So we go inside and find out that the building belongs to some
organization that is out to unite all aspects of science
fiction. Star Trek, Star Wars, Buck Rogers, you name it...
Anyway, since PG has this penchant for joining organizations,
he somehow got involved. We go into this big room where
everyone *except* PG and a few others were dressed as all
different sci-fi characters.
     We walk in the room... and say hi to pete, feeling as though
we're not supposed to be there. PG takes one look and Mori and
says, "You're Mori? So *you're* the one everyone keeps telling
me that sounds like me!" The pg smiles and gives a noogie to
mori's shaven head.
     And then *I* rub mori's head too. It felt like a cross between
peach fuzz and sandpaper... Mori's like: "Why the hell is
everyone rubbing my head?!"
So then the meeting starts. This leader guy says to all the
sci-fi people, "Okay, now we must to the sci-fi thingy salute
by falling about on the floor, pretending we just got hit with
phasers by an enemy ship. So, everyone falls about and I just
say, "Geez you guys are lousy actors." Mori, noname guy, and
guy I know from work look confused, PG just sits and looks
     So anyway, the meeting ends. So then Mori, noname guy, this guy
I know from work, and I go to a little cafe within the building
and have coffee. PG shows up in a little while, wearing a
military uniform. He says, "These Sci-Fi people want me to
become their General and I couldn't say no, although I wanted
     So then he tells us this elaborate plot that he and Real
World Multimedia hatched to get him out and away from this
whole sci-fi thing. He says something about the fact that they
did something to his shoes (he takes one off and shows me) that
would allow him to sneak out of the building undetected.
The only problem is as PG is tell us the whole plan, the
Commander who's wearing more medals and stripes than anybody,
is standing behind him the whole time. After PG tells us his
escape plan, we point to the Commander standing behind him, and
PG realizes that his plan just got scuttled, walks away
dejectedly. I have more coffee. I wake up. The end.

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