Co-starring the fabulous talents of
Gabble Ratchet's Toenails


We all look for connections in our lives, strands of reality bridging the gap between seemingly random objects. Links between, say, my obsessed, fanatical PG page and someone else's.

Enjoy yourself, out there in the Real World.

Lith's extraordinary toast and pete and stuff, for pics and drawings of pete, plus other cool stuff.

Solsbury Hill, Ground Zero for the PG fan phenomenon.

And throught the wire, the definitive PG page- run by Saint John Underwood.

No Self Control, the definitive PG linkpage.

Angel's Secret World, the page for PG lovers who a)hate mushrooms, b)like tea, and c)keep pets.

Real World Studios, the official PG page.

Of course, 6 links couldn't possibly be enough to cover my devotion to the Cosmic Lawnmower- more later.

But for now- it's stepping out time.


We'll end with a whistle