"Melt! I need somebody... Melt! Not just anybody..." --"Help!" "Yesterday...I was a flower in a big display, now my lamb's lain down on Broadway- Oh, I believe in yesterday!" --"Yesterday" "Hey, Phil... don't make it bad! Take a bad song, and make it better." --"Hey Jude" "The blood of Eden's in my ears and in my eyes! There beneath the huge, fish-laden skyes (I sit and meanwhile sing)" --"Penny Lane" "Have you seen the little roadies, playing with my props? Yes, for all the little roadies, my dummy is the tops! They're always playing tricks...with my performance" --"Little Piggies" "I like to be...in Italy...in a big red sparkly robe...in the Channel." --"Octopus's Garden" "Rael was a guy who thought he was a goner, when he saw this little wall. Then he woke beneath New York- and all his buddies had turned into defunct dreamdolls. Get back! Get back! Get back to where you once belonged." --"Get Back"

(thanks to Solsbury hill for saving these for me)

The doorway to a thousand churches