After Black Adder Red Dwarf once came on t.v. Now, nothing but crap. Rimmer was better He made the show, so say I. Ace makes my head hurt. a yumma-yumma I digga digga bowl full oh yeah Fruit Island! a yumma-yumma lotsa lotsa fruit flavor! Yes! Reall fruit flavor! a yumma-yumma Fruit Island Cereal now! real fruit flavor now! c/o Mad Jack McMad Sleeping gently now There's a thought that brings me round Wish I could see you Open up my eyes Hoping to find your image So disappiontment My sight search the room I only see your absense But I still hear you I reach out to touch You're five thousand miles away I know you're sleeping A silent thunder Engulfs the void of my heart Conciousness divides Water from my eyes Can't extinguish my desire To re-live the past My senses tortured, I still hold on to one thought: The image of you In a wind of change Just one thing remains constant My feelings for you I long for the sound Of the springs popping up When my toast is done A transformtion Of something into something else Inside my toaster It may be just me But I'm sure I heard the toast dance Inside my toaster I put some bread in Now my toaster is empty My toast disappeared! Haikus can do things You never thought posible So give me your thoughts... Right I'm one for now I think I'll call it a day I hope you like these. Tom