They passed through another largish room, but with several 
people. He was introduced to Eo the Hippy (Kali's sister, and not a 
regular boarder), Pat the Leprechaun, and several other Odds. They 
finally came to a huge metal door, emblazoned with a picture of a man 
sitting with his legs crossed and holding a piece of toast in one hand 
and a toaster in the other. Little toasts with legs, arms, and forks 
ran about on the ground next to him. Lith ignored this and grabbed a 
mike from the wall next to the door. 
	"All hands to the Toaster Room! Toast Ceremony impending!"
	People came running down the hall from nowhere, and when they 
were all present, Kali pulled a lever. The door opened majestically 
inward and the people went reverently inside. To the left, a bank of 
two-slice toasters gleamed. To the right, four-slice toasters enticed. 
And, in the center, was an empty pedestal, at the right height for 
easy access. At the far end were two large wooden doors, carved in 
pictures of bread and grains. Over the toasters were refrigerators 
with clear glass doors, containing bread, jam, cinnamon, and other 
yummy condiments. The people gathered in a circle around the pedestal. 
Kali and Lith stood in front of it. Kali began to talk.
	"As you all know, we have a new addition. And he has not only 
brought his Oddness to our home. Show them, Tom."
	Tom walked to the middle and pulled it out. There was a 
collective gasp and he set it carefully upon the pedestal.
	"Let us all eat Toast!" Lith cried.
	The people grinned and pulled out their Toastknives, each 
handcrafted and beautiful, and set to.