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Kali's Ascii

__________________________________________________________________ Well, cats, here you are. And here is my stuff. I've been working on it for a while. First though, is the biggest thing i've got. It is my toaststoryascii, a fairly long ascii-illustrated story about toast. A large number of the ascii following that were done specifically to illustrate this story.

*the toaststoryascii, part one.
*the toaststoryascii, part two.
*the toaststoryascii, part three.

The non-toast ascii

*an apple
*a cake
*a babelfish
*a beanworld bean
*the Beatles logo
*an ovo de pascoa
*a picklejar
*my sister, Eo
*a medal
*the name of Peter Gabriel

The toast ascii

The characters
*Cheese Mage
*The Rogue Croissant from the Land of the Yuppy Foods
*CUUI's Lieutenant
*White Toast
*My toaster

The scenes
* blackwhitetoastchains

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