Miscellaneous Haiku



Blood is deep wine red
Seeping slowly out of skin
Like tears in my eyes.

Soft and golden-warm
Like the sleep that flees from me
I stroke human skin.

My body is taut
Like a quivering high-wire
I can't stop shaking.

The words assemble
Themselves into coherence
And I understand.

Hunger consumes me
My body devours itself
With gastric acid.

My mind fills with pain
Fireworks exploding my head
I can taste the blood.

My mind is shattered
Muzzled by fatigue and pain
I can't concentrate.

I lack will to move
Curled naked on the cold floor
Tears fall from my eyes.

My hands are shaking
The limbs twist in confusion
My body rebels.

Hunger gnaws at me
The sickness rots in my throat
And fever-burned brow.

Breathing in darkness
Tears stain the sides of my face
As pain stains my life.

I feel the dull ache
Of quietly longing for
She who is not mine.

My hands are bloodstained
I am haunted by the guilt
I know I must bear.

Life loses color
Each day becomes an endless
Row of tired breaths.

I told him the truth
As well as I could know it
He did not believe.

Trapped within format
I fight madly to get free
Away from straight lines

The dragon-slayers are
Gone now and do I alone
Weep at their passing?

Touching in darkness
Like plants to the sun we crawl
Finding each other.

My mind is smothered
Gasping from the slow, dull pain
I stare at the wall.

Visions of the blood
I see it, cheerful, scarlet
Flowing from my limbs.

Sharp knife blades twisting
Mockery of seppuku
My body dissolves

Bare, dirty, damp feet
Slicing through wet greenery
Covered in debris

Fingers clutching fence
White-knuckled in spider webs
The cars pass beneath