Toast Haiku



No toast in Brazil
For toast I weep silently
And I eat 'guetes.

Soft, warm baguetes
I put on butter and cheese
They are filled with joy.

The jam and butter
Search for toast, but they find none
They are sorrowful.

Will I eat 'guetes?
For I have not any toast
That I might feel joy.

The toast reaches up
To touch the butter-like sun
It melts on the toast.

Looking out at rain
I long for a slice of toast
To warm the cold days.

I miss my toaster
So white and filled with promise
Of the toast to come.

I bask in warm joy
That happily emanates
From my white toaster.

Spicy cinnamon
Sweetened by sugar, on toast
It fulfills my need.

Eat a slice of toast!