And everything else....

The Dancing Miscellany

And now... everything else!

First of all, have a look at afn.UI. It's the newsgroup I founded, oh so long ago- Usergroup Insanity.

One might also think of who my friends are...

Spiiish is a regular member of UI. Unfortunately he has forgotten that SOME of us are sadly without graphic browsers... *sigh*. :).

AWOL the short, pro- wrestling addicted and slightly homicidal! Even though she doesn't like the Beatles, I still love her.

Pat the Leprechaun. Don't know how long it'll take his page to get up, but here this link is waiting!

Also, as a representative of my hippy friends, here's Woodstock's page. Woody's natural hair color is brown. He swears. I wouldn't know. :)

This is my dear neurotic friend Will's homepage. I have dirt on Will, so just ask me if youwant to know. ;)

I have many neurotic friends, but none more neurotic than Sushil K. Rudranath, the Guy With the Talkie Toaster in His Kitchen.

I am also a registered idiot on... The Merry Band of Idiots Homepage. I'm not even going to bother explaining- but I know where my towel is... do you?

The Capitol Steps have caused me untold amusement since I first heard them during the Bush-Dukakis election, which was my first exposure to politics. (I'm a Democrat, and I also run an Election Homepage for my local freenet.)

Laura, a petefan (a.k.a. HoopLa), also has a wonderful list of pointless links, such as Virtual Flowers, E-cards, and Mr. Starchy Tuber Head.

I, along with AWOL, am a confirmed Subway addict- if you want to get into our good graces, my favorite sub is a Cold Cut Trio on white, with cheese, lots of pickles, hot peppers, mustard, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. She likes Roast Chicken on white, with cheese.

AWOL is a very amusing person. Here is the AWOL quote file, also known as Pearls of AWOL. These are excerpts from my conversations with her.

Everyone knows the moon is made of green cheese... at least that's whatWallace and Gromit, some quite spish claymation characters. To tell the truth, however, I know someone who looks frighteningly alot like Wallace, down to the grin and everything!

Larry Marder's Tales of the Beanworld is possibly the coolest comic in existence. My own Toastcomic was definately influenced, if not inspired, by the Beans.

Here is another page of interesting, yet pointless links, including the wonderful Kearsey Temperment Sorter!

The VW Bug is the coolest car in existence, even if it *was* designed by Nazis. Screw your bloody Ferrari!

Some say that a shoe is... well, just a shoe. But not if it's a genuine Converse Chuck Taylor All Star! I have two pair- one mono and one maroon.

People screamed about polls and predictions in the recent elections, so here is the Pointless Opinion Poll page- after all; the poll is part of the American Way. *grin*

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, ok, so this lady has a polysyllabic name and an odd sense of humor. But does she enjoy Sesame street? And I am proud to say, the answer is 42. And so ends Kali's page of dancing toasters. Have a nice diurnal anomaly. or rather, pop off (not literally) and have yourself a bit of cheeeeese!