I am a man whose dreams have all deserted

and the plane flies through
the air


Everyone knows that the subconscious has a dance all its own- our dreams are haunted by the things that inspire us and fascinate us in the daylight.

Who better to be haunted by than Pete?

Here are a few of my favourites.

Pete steals my soul
Pete dresses up as a Nephite
I drown in Pete's eyes
Pete guest-stars on Sesame Street
The dream behind the Fishtoastguy
Lith, Pete and I have a chat after his concert
Pete dies a whole heck of a lot
Lith, MacCat and I are part of Pete's band for the SWL concert

And heaven knows, I'm not the only one with a pete-loving subconscious! Here are descriptions of dreams *other* people have had. Remember, if you've had a dream involving either Peter himself or his music, feel free to send it to me. I'll put it up here, and you'll be famous! Well, sort of!

Lith's sea turtle dream

Dragonfly's shampoo dream

Dragonfly's _Short Rain_ dream

Dragonfly's Beatle dream (That *I* wanna have!)

Dragonfly's Picture Book dream

Dragonfly's House Concert dream

Laura's ham dream

MacCat's Scifi Nuts dream

MacCat's Travolta dream

MacCat's I-Could-Stay-Here-For-Years dream

Thomas's Blackjack dream. And he's not even a fan!

Anja's Summerdream

Indigo's Makeout dream (another one that I wanna have. ;))

Soleil's Magic dream

Angel's Sitcom dream

Angel's Dutch Concert dream

Angel's MTV dream

Angel's Talking-to-Pete dream (*new!*)

Moon's CD dream

Rraven's Dance dream

Rraven's K-mart dream (*new*)

Rraven's Apples dream (*new*)

Darren's Psychaiatrist dream (*new*)


As real as anything you've seen...