Doctor Who Haiku



The blue Police Box
Stands silently as it waits
For its slain master.

The lethal tubing
Deep within the plural hearts
Is torn from his flesh.

The manic blue eyes
Of the newly born Doctor
Penetrate my soul.

He pulls the red knob
Reverse the polarity!
And the doors open.

A hurried vwoorping
The Sonic Screwdriver's whine
The Doctor appears.

Blood drenching his shirt
He denies reality
And screams at the sky.

Angel enshrouded
On his knees, shivering with cold
And pain of rebirth.

Gallifrey trembles
As Rassilon's Game proceeds
And the Doctor plays.

Ace's Nitro-9
Causes the Doctor to run
In fear for his life

Robed in rough white cloth
The Doctor accepts the crown
And falls to his knees.

The plural hearts
Beat in the tortured body
Of Time's Champion.

Thick orange-red blood
Dead, dried, crumbling and finished
Stains the Time Lord's face.

Endless emptiness
In form of featureless walls
The room with no doors.