Babylon 5 Haiku



Star-fire wheel falling
Her body slowly consumed
She looks to the sky.

Order through chaos
Government through anarchy
Lurking in Shadows.

Pieces of Vorlon
Buried like thorns in the flesh
Bleed through the cracks.

Knowing he will die
He draws a line in darkness
He will not cross it.

He stands on the bridge
A sentry, guarding the pass
To die for the One.

The Lords of Order
And the Agents of Chaos
A battle of thought.

Counting the whip-strokes
The martyr never flinches
He gives them the scream.

Poised on the border
He dives into nothingness
And prays to be caught.

Black widow spiders
Let loose in the galaxy
They scream as they fly.

The end of each ep
Is followed by my throwing
Things at the telly.

I am an addict
I've seen every ep three times
I speak Minbari.

Sheridan captured
Imprisoned alongside of
Chief Garibaldi.

Cascading music
And darkening, flashing lights
John fights for his life.

Trapped in his body
Garibaldi fights to know
"What it's all about."

Trav'ling in silence
Covered in Shadow wetware
They long for their deaths.

She's waked by his pain
Carried by a deathless bond
Across the light years.

John stands against night
Winning a small victory
Like dust in his mouth.