Star Trek Ascii

There's alot of this because, for some unknown reason, the best gif-ascii's I've been able to find have been Star Trekki

Picard's large head

Spock Crusher

Troi of the changing neck lines





The Enterprise herself!

Babylon 5

I like Babylon 5. I think its really cool. Except for that bit where Kosh turned out to be a bloody angel and apparently no one bothered to smooth out the image. It was also quite silly indeed.

The Babylon 5 Logo

The Earth Alliance Logo, this is what you see on all the uniforms.

Susan Ivanova,the executive officer on the station, also just a general runner about and doing things person.

Londo Mulari, the charismatic Centauri ambassador.

An Ascii Map of the Station, plus the monologues for the pilot, first and second seasons. If anyone has the third season monologue, please send it to me.

Other Stuff

This is just stuff I found about the towne...

Calvin and Hobbes stuff

The Animaniacs Logo

Some bugs

A big bug


Kiss that Frog!

A bird...


A biohazard symbol

Felix the cat

Albert Einstein

a map of the USA

A dalek

Daleks attacking the Tardis

And Much Much more to come!

just as soon as I get around to it...

oh, BTW, mail me if you have any ascii to add, just send it to me, and I'll sort it out. I mean it. Any ascii. From anywhere. Just send it to me. oh please oh please...