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First of all, here is Scarecrow's ascii art archive. It speaks for itself- you know ascii art on the web, you know Scarecrow.

I've also got my ascii collection. It's what I've been collecting over the time I've become addicted! I'll be adding more in when I have time, I'm not done putting everything in. Of course, if you wish to add to my workload (and please do) email me any ascii at kalirush@afn.org, eh?

In a manner that can be considered next, we have my own personal ascii what I 'ave done on me own. Here we go, then!

While not exactly ascii art, I've also got some cross-stitch patterns I made. All the stuff I like to embroider isn't in the handy little books, so I make my own patterns. Have a go at it, tell me how it went, and if i were you, I'd download it and copy it into a grid. They only look stretched out like that because of US Ascii...

Back, back, and back some more!