USS Chicago

CA-14, CA-29, CA-136, CG-11, SSN-721

USS Chicago 2006 Reunion

The next USS Chicago reunion is scheduled for Albuquerque, NM

USS Chicago 2005 Reunion

Jacksonville, Florida
Reunion 2005 photos.

USS Chicago 2002 Reunion

Oklahoma City, OK--May 8th-12th, 2002

USS Chicago 2000 Reunion

The USS Chicago reunion was held in Springfield, MO--May 3rd-7th, 2000

Mesa Mini-Reunion, February 11-13 1999

The annual mini-reunion was? held in Apache Junction, Arizona.

USS Chicago 1998 Reunion

The 1998 USS Chicago reunion was held September 9th through the 13th,at the Clarion Hotel - Millbrae, CA.

Subject: San Francisco, CA. 1998 minutes
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 1998 13:20:32 -0800
From: Bob McComas
To: Minutes USS Chicago Reunion

1998 San Francisco, CA.
September 12, 1020 Hours Meeting called to order
Pledge of Allegiance: Roger Shurtz
Minutes for 1997 Reunion: Read by Ed Went
Motion was passed to accept 1997 minutes
New members: Jay Schrand CG-11
Gary Triz CG-11

Treasurers report: Frank Lach
Fiscal Report 1997-1998
Balance 6-30-97 End of Year $3691.85
Receipts Booster Donations $2094.00
Time/Place Chairman Host $1046.86
Secretary (Bulletin) $1520.84
Treasurer Expenses $39.93
Clarion Hotel Deposit $500.00
Mercury Tours $600.00
Account Fees (Est Bank) $51.77
Total $3759.40
Balance 6-30-98 End of Year $2026.45

Executive Committee Report: Bob McComas
Recommended Reunion to be every 18 months

T&P Committee Report: John McClurg
Recommended Springfield, MO.
Chicago, IL. too expensive

Frank Westley offered to host Albequerque, NM for the future.

Rex Flanagan recommended Corpus Cristi, TX. for Reunion.

Motion was passed to accept Springfield, MO. in May of 2000

President: Maynard Dowden
1st Vice President: Stewart "Pat" Stuart
2nd Vice President: William "Jocko" Jochims,
3rd Vice President: Jay R. Schrand
Treasurer: Frank Lach
Secretary: Bob McComas
Editor: Gary Triz

John Downing resigned from T&P Committee for health reason

Motion was passed to adjourn meeting

Ammended by Jay R. Schrand
Accepted by Bob Mccomas

Iowa Mini-Reunion, August 1998

On August 1, 2 1998 the Iowa mini-reunion was held in Mason City, IA.

Hosted by:
Burr & Marvelle Squier

711 4th Street NW
Nora Springs, IA 50458

Mesa Mini-Reunion, February 1998

On February 12, 13, and 14, 1998 the annual mini-reunion was held in Apache Junction, Arizona.

The 1997 reunion

was held September 9-14 at the Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, Va.

Bob McComas reports "I ran into several members from 77-78 crew. Bud Lowell Michaels was one ofmy kids in the IC gang. I also ran into BT1 Larry Miller. As an AT&TWorldnet Internet technician, I had Rear Admiral Robert Smith call mefor service ( ) was flag from 77-78."

Minutes of the 18th Annual Meeting (rough draft)

USS Chicago Reunion AssociationSheraton National Hotel, Arlington, VASeptember 13, 1997The meeting was called to order by the President, Edward Went at 10:10a.m. EDT. President Went then led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flagof the United States.	Minutes of the 17th Annual Meeting held in Cleveland, Ohio were read. Amotion was made by Shipmate Sparks and seconded by Shipmate Brennan toaccept the minutes as read. The motion was passed.President Went introduced three new members: 		Ralph Eddy,	CA136 	Baker 3rd class	Ralph Miller,	CA136 	Fireman 2nd class, E-Div	Harold Brenner	CA136 	Electrician Mate 1st class, E-DivThe new members were welcomed by those present.Old Business:President Went, asked if all members present have been receiving thebulletin. All responded in the affirmative.Committee Reports:Time and Place committee:  John McClurg, ChairmanJohn thanked all of the shipmates who brought beer for hospitality room.It made it much easier and quicker to set up.A personal visit to potential locations for the next reunion yielded thefollowing basic information:San Francisco was very high priced; Las Vegas has only one place to go(gambling casinos) and is hot! There was much discussion both for andagainst each location.President Went reported that the officers recommended San Francisco attheir meeting just concluded. More discussion ensued. A vote on the location of the meetings for next year was called.			San Francisco   21	Las Vegas       10	Abstaining	 1The reunion in 1998 will be held in San Francisco. Next year, there willbe more space between tours.For 1999:  Pointing toward Chicago. John hascontacted the 721 club and asked to get a room for USS CHICAGO memorabiliadisplay. The 721 club has agreed to help us with details.The attendance numbers have been shrinking since the 250 who attendedthe reunion in Norfolk, Virginia. John asked that each shipmate try to get another person to attend. Discussion ensued.Maynard Dowden suggested that after 1999 the committee should try tohave the reunions in the middle of the country.John McClurg responded by saying that he had sent 400 surveys to themembership with only about 25% returned.	New Business:President Went reported that the treasury is severely depleted. Reunionsshould be self sustaining.Officers Meeting:  Question:  Should ladies be allowed in the meetings.After considerable discussion both pro and  cons, Ben Sparks moved thatwe invite the wives or friends of members and have one vote per family.This was amended by Frank Westly to invite past members wives also.Amendment was adapted with four members voting against. The entire motionseconded. More discussion ensued. The motion was passed as amended withfour members voting against.President Went discussed the dues and recommended that dues be raised to$10.00. Roger Shurtz moved that dues be raised from $8.00 to $10.00. Themotion was seconded by Jocko Jochimas. The motion passed. Dues are to becollected at the meeting in order to save the secretary both time and postage.John McClurg moved that we make a donation to the Navy Memorial inappreciation for the fine memorial service they provided for USS Chicagoshipmates. Maynard Dowden suggested that since the treasury is depleted,this donation should be made on an individual basis. this was agreed andthere was no need for a motion.Roger Shurtz nominated John McClurg as secretary to take some of theload off Shipmate McComas. President Went replied that the officers wereelected for two years and the terms should be completed. A motion for aseparate person to serve as secretary can be made at the election of officers next year.Shipmate Wilkerson commented that he had not received notice of the reunion.A motion to adjourn was made by President Ed Went and seconded by JockoJochimas.The meetings was adjourned at 11:10 a.m. EDT.Bob McComas

I am still looking for more reports of the latest reunions.
Joe DiPietro

For more information about the USS Chicago Reunion Committee contact:

  • Edward Went
  • PO Box 247
  • 41 Baker Road
  • Roxbury, CT 06783


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