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Meteorologist Craig Clevenger is shown here giving
the five day weather forecast. Behind him is the satellite
of Florida's weather.

The JAM TV Morning Edition logo airs all day, along
with the announcements typed on Titlemaker.

Robert Antonello, anchor on JAM TV, opens the morning
show. How can you help but trust a face like that?

Yo surf dudes and beach bunnies! Mr. McDaniel, our
"prince-ipal" gave the news one morning via microwave
from the beach! Cool!

Even old pros at anchoring sometimes forget little things like putting on their microphones!
This mistake was followed by, "And some of you will be glad to know that I will not be
on this show much longer, I keep messing it up for these guys!" We assured Mr. McDaniel
that he was doing a great job.

This is the JAM TV Morning Edition Web Site. Our staff is similar to the staff for all of JAM TV. We produce a morning show for Jewett Academy every morning. It includes the normal announcements, along with the joke for the day or trivia question, sports, weather, and the pledge to the flag. JAM TV's on-site reports are included in the morning show also. We sometimes use the JAMCAM, which is a camera atop the JAM TV tower. We broadcast on channel 7, but because JAM TV is closed circuit, you can't access the show from home. Thanks for looking at our page.


Tape ops / ELMO: Josh Lockhart

Titlemaker: Ashleigh Vaught

Teleprompter: Justin Johns

Microphones: Robert Antonello

Music and Sound Effects Technician: Steven Lockhart

Cameras: Craig Clevenger
Kelly Kane

Stage Manager / Technical Director: Meredith Morton

Computer Graphics: Erin McDaniel

Director: Will Fowler

Producer: Mrs. Platt

Executive producer: Mr. McDaniel



Meg Tucker
Robert Antonello

Dana Scott
Erin McDaniel
Meredith Morton
Ashleigh Vaught

Holly Woolery
Kejin Dorsett
April Roe
Amy Cassidy
Kim Maxwell

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JAM TV is a part of Jewett Middle Academy Magnet
founded 1993
Web Page produced and designed by Will Fowler, Robert Antonello, Craig Clevenger, and Josh Lockhart.