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This website was created by Will Fowler in 1995, updated and edited by Craig Clevenger, Matt Knitt, Josh Lockhart,and Joel Mailly. Our Teacher for Jam TV is Mrs. Platt, a technology specialist at Jewett Academy. We try to update and feature our new crew and anchors periodically, but video production takes precedent some times. Our Champion Chat News shows is viewed by our student body twice a week during research class at the end of the day. Our principle, Mr. Gary McDaniel, is usually present on our show. We highlight student`s achievements, either academics or athletics. We employ graphics, different sets, props, dress, and remote interviews. We have won many awards through Polk County Video Awards Ceremony held each year for all schools that have a video class. We have won BEST IN SHOW for the entire county in 1996-1997 for a documentary on boating safety. We have won other awards such as 2 best in show and 1 outstanding daily news show.

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CREW MEMBERS 1998-1999

Steven Lochkart-Director

Shane Erb-Co Director

Matt Lincer

Lisa Barger

David Merrill

Joel Mailly

Chris Collins

Nidhi Avashia

Jake Meier

Laura Graham

Mrs. Platt-Teacher

ANCHORS 1998-1999

Kevin Haygood

Jessica Woody

Treva Plowden

Melissa Sherrard

Valerie Kenderick

Robyn Smedley

Brett Kier

Sam McAdams

Hope West

Kyle Myers

Sarah Claire Smith

Allison Burke

Autumn Norman

Meredith Nance

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Boating Safety Documentary Video

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Thanks for looking at our web page. Eventually we might have areas where you can download sound tracks and video clips! Who knows?

JAM TV is a part of Jewett Middle Academy Magnet founded 1993 JAM TV Web Page produced and designed by Will Fowler, Robert Antonello, Craig Clevenger, and Josh Lockhart.

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