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What impresses you about the group is not its size. It's not even as large a group as you would have expected, given the gravity of the situation. But they don't seem troubled by their small number as they earnestly accost passers-by and the small but interested crowd that's gathered to hear the group's message.


As you hurry past, late for your appointment, a friendly woman separates from the group and keeps pace with you, urging your immediate attention and support. She proffers a piece of paper.


You don't slow down, but she smiles as you take her leaflet.

Later, safely away from the bustle of the scene on the street, you have a moment to yourself, and remember the flyer you took.


You uncrumple the flyer from your back pocket, and scan the bold type:



Rec.[arts|games].int-fiction is having ANOTHER MINICOMP! Write a game TODAY which prominently features politics of some flavor, in some form. HOW? It's totally up to you! Electoral, liberal, reactionary, or something none of us have heard of before. Games are to be released in 2002 on MAYDAY, the largest political observance of the year.

In the spirit of solidarity and co-operation, there will be no winners or losers in this "competition." Games will be reviewed by a panel of judges representing a broad array of opinions. Judges will be encouraged to comment on the subject matter as well as the more traditional aspects of IF.

Details at http://www.afn.org/~jasonmel/politicomp.html


Jason Melancon

Updated Friday, November 9, 2001