May 2009: Greetings. You have reached the website of the Gainesville Iguana. There is a searchable archive of past issues here, please feel free to browse , but as of now most of 2008 and 2009 are not represented. Hard copies are available by mail or telephone inquiry. Sorry for this inconvenience. The Iguana is in need of a new web-master currently.

THERE IS A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THE IGUANA: It is . The old address is a dead end at this time. Telephone and postal address remain the same.

2008 Oct 26: uploaded October 2008 articles.

2008 Sep 24: uploaded September 2008 articles.

2008 Aug 16: uploaded July/August 2008 articles.

2008 June 2: uploaded May/June 2008 articles.

2008 May 10: uploaded March 2008 articles.

2008 May 6: updated front page.

2008 May 5: added April 2008 articles.

2008 Feb 22: added January/February 2008 articles.

2008 Jan 13: added November/December 2007 articles.

2007 May 12: added March 2007 articles.

2007 May 5: added January 2007 articles; March is next.

2007 Feb 9: switched to Google's calendaring system to see how that holds up.

2006 Sep 15: uploaded the Sept 2006 issue. Still missing from this year: March and April; otherwise the articles from the last 10 years are up.

2006 Sep 2: uploaded the July/August 2006 issue, but not the index--the new one should be going up shortly.

2006 Jun 7: uploaded the May/June 2006 issue. The March and April 2006 issues are still not up.

2006 Feb 23: uploaded the Nov/Dec 2005, January 2006, and February 2006 issues and the new calendar.

2005 Nov 12: finished checking older uploaded months and adding in what got left out. Online archives should now reflect published articles (but not all ads, calendar events, or CMC events) from now back through to September 1996.

2005 Nov 10: added address to front page, corrected subscription info on 'about' page, updated template to have 'about' link at bottom.

2005 Oct 22: uploaded the current issue and a new front page. Finished validating the entire site and correcting errors; every page (somewhere around 1100 at last count) should now be valid HTML 4.01. Changed the former emails.html page to a META redirect to the front page, as that particular javascript was removed in favor of standards-compliance, making the page obsolete.

2005 Oct 20: uploaded the current calendar.

2005 Sep 15: uploaded the current calendar.

2005 Sep 15: uploaded the current issue and a new front page. Calendar should be up by tomorrow.

2005 Jul 26: uploaded the current calendar and current articles and updated the directory.

2005 May 21: uploaded the current calendar.

2005 May 21: uploaded this month's issue. Calendar has not yet been uploaded.

2005 May 15: updated the directory.

2005 Apr 21: uploaded the April 2005 issue.

2005 Apr 17: uploaded the current calendar.

2005 Mar 11: uploaded the calendar and the front page.
I'm currently going through adding back items that I'd left out when I first took over work on the site in 1998 (1999?). (At the time I was having trouble keeping the site current and posted only articles likely to remain timely; I then realized that was the wrong approach to it--it put me as editor, not webmaster, and it also was also pernicious, in that it separated results from the struggle that achieved them.)

2005 Mar 9: uploaded the current issue. Haven't yet built the front page for it; check it out here. I also have not yet put up the new calendar; I'm expecting to do that on the 11th.

2005 Feb 22: uploaded Lippman concert review.

2005 Feb 05: uploaded the January/February 2003 issue.

2005 Jan 30: uploaded the April 2003 issue.

2005 Jan 29: discovered the links for USDA moves to make organic food labels meaningless, Women tell experiences of rape & sexual harassment at NOW event, Campus NOW's demands on rape on campus, and Man arrested at School of Americas prepares to serve 6-month sentence--Interview with Dwight Lawton were all 404s; OCR'd the articles, learning that "women" was spelled "igvomen," checked over the articles, formatted them, and uploaded them. Various other minor fixes throughout the site.

If you find something wrong with the site, please Contact us.

2005 Jan 23: added Jan/Feb 2005 issue.

2005 Jan 15: updated calendar.html, finished unshouting articles and now am spot-checking them.

2004 Dec 15: going through unshouting issues. Currently I've done from February 2002 backwards through September 1997; everything before September 1997 still has a font size of +1, which is a bit too "loud" (e.g. this article).

2004 Dec 07: added Nov/Dec 2004 issue.

2004 Nov 20: updated calendar.html, uploaded May 2004 articles; corrected links on 2004.html (April headlines were pointing to October articles); various other updates.

2004 Oct 2: updated calendar.html, fixed various broken links.

2004 Sept 24: added July/August 2004 and Sept/Oct 2004. May/June 2004 is still not up.

2004 July 15: updated calendar.html.

2004 June 4: corrected the Hippodrome links on various pages, and corrected various CMC links that got missed last time.

2004 May 21: updated calendar.html.

2004 May 7: uploaded January/February 2004 issue.

2004 May 3: uploaded April 2004 issue.

2004 April 24: updated calendar.

2004 April 20: noticed in a search for prison HIV infection rates that this, this, and this article all had some odd formatting problem giving search results like "ÿ þ ! d o c t y p e h t m l p u b l i c." (That explained why the Ashcroft/civics joke simply would not turn up in search results no matter how many times the site was spidered). Mulled it over awhile before wondering if the files hadn't been saved as Unicode instead of plain text (they had). Reuploaded them, respidered the site.

2004 April 17: uploaded the August/September 2003, October 2003, and November/December 2003 issues.

2004 April 7: uploaded the May 2003 issue.

2004 April 6: found a more recent .rtf file with the directory in it; updated directory.html with it. If any of this information is incorrect, please Contact us .

2004 April 5: various interlinkings of issues. In process, found that "Who is Osama bin Laden?" on BLOWBACK actually linked to "New USA-Patriot Act allows police agencies to target dissidents of all kinds"; corrected link. Discovered that To celebrate 15 years of publishing, Iguana holds concert with singing CIA agent was linked to from the previous article but not from the indices; linked it from the indices. Dropped the alternating grey/green on various archive pages (did that ever look good?)

2004 April 3: changed all links to external calendar to point to calendar.html instead. Changed links to old Civic Media Center site to point to the new one. Uncluttered the top of the front page (moving ad rates, subscription info, history, and "note about listed emails" to be on or linked from the new page about.html). Removed link to FaithOUTloud, which seems to have disappeared from the net.

2004 March 25: added March 2004 issue; added notice about missing issues to search.html and archives.html; added this page so people know what's going on when the "last updated" date changes.

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