New publication on campus
September 2008

Have you read The Fine Print? It's a new student publication that just made its debut this month. Created for and by the students of the University of Florida, The Fine Print is a monthly paper that intends to provide in-depth articles on issues directly affecting students, both politically and socially. It also focuses on local art and culture, and has a sincere interest in promoting student musicians and artists.

But in the bigger picture, The Fine Print hopes to provide a more complete and honest view of the establishment on campus and how it relates to the students. For far too long students have been kept in the dark, and it is time for their eyes to be opened. The Fine Print hopes to do just that, or at the very least provide an alternative to the existing campus media outlets.

Our first issue provides an in-depth look at the questionable corporation controlling UF's dining services - Aramark. There is also an interview with a veteran from the Iraq War, as well as a few historical pieces.

Pick up a copy of The Fine Print at various locations on campus (wherever you can find a staff member) or at the Civic Media Center. If you're interested in getting involved or donating much-needed funds to cover printing costs, e-mail us at .

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