Films at the Civic Media Center Mondays in March and April
March 2008

March 17th 8pm "Omagh" A non documentary drama of Ireland and the IRA, in honor of St. Patrick's Day

[Added: Tuesday, March 18, 8:30 p.m. "USA vs. Al-Arian" about the case brought against Tampa professor Sami Al-Arian and the Bush era's post-civil liberties nightmare. Award-winning Norwegian film. See article about Dr. Al-Arian in this issue.]

March 24th 8pm " Young, Jewish and Left" Newly released documentary which profiles of young activists

March 31st 8pm "Terrorism Made in the USA" profile of Jose Posada Carrilles involved in the bombing of a Cuban jetliner, yet living comfortably in Florida.

April 7th 8pm "Control Room", 9:30 pm "Hotel Palestine; Killing the Witness" double feature marking the deaths of two reporters covering the US invasion of Iraq on April 8th, 2003, both from US weapons-fire.

April 14th 8pm "Maxed Out " recent documentary on the seductive hazards of credit cards, and the industry which pushes them.

April 21 8pm "A Crude Awakening " a well researched film about fossil fuel addiction and the "peak oil' crisis

April 28th 8pm "What I've Learned About US Foreign Policy ( the War Against the Third World)" A 2 hr compilation from various documentaries which follow US foreign policy adventures in Latin America and the mid-East

All films will be show at the
Civic Media Center
1021 W. University Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601
352 373-0010

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