Motherland Afghanistan: A film by Sedika Mojadidi
March 2008

An Afghan-American documentary filmmaker, UF alumna Sedika Mojadidi, follows her father, who specializes in women's medicine, to Afghanistan, where one in seven women dies during childbirth. A rare and moving glimpse of humanity and the power of compassion set against the backdrop of a land in turmoil and transition, the strength of these women and the quiet deeds of those who attempt to heal is utterly inspiring.

Mojadidi's film Motherland Afghanistan has its Gainesville Premier at the Hippodrome Theatre on Monday, March 24th. Mojadidi states, "Since I was a teenager, I was inspired by my father's humanitarian work in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the years of the Soviet-Afghan war. As a filmmaker, I felt his story needed to be documented as a record of someone trying to make a difference against a lot of very real odds. I knew his story would be universally inspiring to viewers because it is the story of someone who kept working year after year with small victories in an overwhelming health crisis. His story is a very realistic story of how change happens."

Los Angeles Journal calls Motherland Afghanistan a "superb documentary" and states, "An International Documentary Competition selection, if watching this doc about a doc who improves womankind were not enough, his insights into the US-Afghanistan relations are acute and concise. Recommended."

Showtimes for the film on March 24th are 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Don't miss this one night event and chance to talk-back to the filmmaker.

Advance tickets available. Hippodrome Theatre 25 SE 2nd Place, 352-375-4477

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