Chris Chandler, David Roe, Dave Lippman, George Shrub:
Satire, storytelling, music at the Thomas Center Wed. Feb. 28
January 2007

A double bill of multimedia storytelling and a raucous repertoire of radical music will descend on the Thomas Center in Gainesville Wednesday, Feb. 28th. Satirist Dave Lippman and his shadow, singing CIA-agent George Shrub will join the road poet Chris Chandler and keyboardist David Roe in a benefit for the Civic Media Center. Come prepared to be outraged, informed, and entertained.

Chandler and Roe have joined forces to create a powerful show; a multi media collage, combining storytelling, poetry, video, and a wide variety of musical styles, into an evening of compelling theater, with themes ripped from the pages of history books, current events, and personal reminiscences. At one time in human history bards roamed outside the castle wall carrying tales from village to village. Today, gritty road warriors do the same - outside the castle walls of corporate America. Between the frequencies of Clear Channel, still exists the forgotten art form of storytelling.

Singing CIA Agent George Shrub and satirist Dave Lippman have terrified and delighted, according to their respective styles, audiences from the George Bush era to the era of George Bush. Lippman has bad thoughts about Wal-Mart and Shrub has bad thoughts about thought.

George Shrub has been traveling throughout his globalized domain, sharing his Point of View (the Right One) so that people won't need their own. He employs anti-folk songs and interventionary anthems to explain (and enforce) that the business of America is none of your business, that unions are never civil, and that the proper place for himself, like Wal-Mart, is everywhere.

Lippman, meanwhile, has been trying to keep up with his shadow, Shrub, touring closely behind him. He continues to afflict the complacent, occasionally rhyming in the process. Dave has been known to take the air out of the windbags of the week, de-distort history, and rewrite the classics with parody and thrust. Dave Lippman will present his illustrated song cycle on Venezuela, "The Streams Are Finding the River."

Wednesday, February 28, 8 p.m.
Thomas Center
302 NE 6th Ave.
$8 advance,
$10 door
352 378-5655
Benefits Civic Media Center

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