July/August 2006

"Hogtown Justice Part IV" printed in the May/June 2006 Iguana (pp. 22-24) stated, inaccurately, that Robert Rush, a Gainesville attorney, had given Rick Parker $7,000 in campaign contributions. This was wrong. "I never contributed $7,000 to Rick Parker's campaign," Mr. Rush stated to us, after reading the article. He also stated that he does not take court-appointed cases from Mr. Parker and hasn't for over a decade. The author of the article, Jerry Williamson, apologizes for the errors, as do we, the editors.

Mr. Rush also expressed to us that Mr. Williamson misquoted him in the article. Mr. Rush writes: "I never made the statement that I believed Mr. McLeod's confession 'sounded like it was obtained by torture.' I never stated that the 'police made up evidence.'" Rush further wrote, "I found nothing improper about the hard work of Detective Patty Nixon and Drayton McDonnell. To the contrary, they did their job admirably and should be thanked for their work in securing the conviction of Theodore McLeod."

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