We Need Alachua General Hospital!
May/June 2006

We are deeply concerned about the future of Alachua General Hospital (AGH), a full-service, community-based hospital that has served the area for over 75 years. As part of the Shands Healthcare network, AGH offers top-quality care with exceptional academic resources. Its great advantage is that it provides and teaches state-of-the-art medicine in a smaller scale, community setting that is appealing to many patients and doctors. Unfortunately, the lack of clear planning is jeopardizing the future existence of Alachua General Hospital.

We are committed to the continued long-term existence of a full-service, community-based, teaching hospital that provides patient-centered care in the east side of Gainesville.


  1. AGH provides valued primary care and emergency services not just to Gainesville, but to many outlying communities such as Hawthorne, Waldo, Keystone Heights, Melrose, Micanopy, McIntosh, and Alachua.
  2. AGH is the only facility where UF medical students and residents learn patient-centered care in a community-based hospital environment. Its loss would take away this unique training that prepares doctors for real-world primary care careers.
  3. AGH is the only Planetree-affiliated hospital in the Southeastern United States -- a program dedicated to a more personalized approach to patient care.
  4. Although AGH is committed to serving the needs of indigent patients, a majority of AGH's patients are insured, paying clients.
  5. AGH is extremely inviting to primary care physicians by merging a community-centered accessible practice with state of the art resources and teaching through its relationship with Shands at UF.
  6. AGH is an important centrally-located resource for introducing high school volunteers to careers in health care.
  7. There are no published plans to keep AGH open beyond 2010.

Please come to our Town Meeting to discuss the importance and future of AGH!

Saturday, June 17th, 9:30 am-12:30 pm
Savannah Grande, 301 N. Main Street, Gainesville

Sponsored by the Health Care is a Human Right Coalition

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