What is the "social wage"? What does it have to do with women's equality? Learn about it in a NOW study group, starting in June
May/June 2006

Gainesville Area National Organization for Women (NOW) is offering a study group series on the "social wage," held every first Thursday of the month from June through September from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

Topics will be "Myth America, Women's Liberation and National Health Care," "Beyond the Family Wage: A Women's Liberation View of the Social Wage," "Overwork, Women's Liberation and National Health Care," and "Childcare and Women's Liberation." The series is based on the Redstockings book, Women's Liberation and National Health Care: Confronting the Myth of America (2001).

The cost of the series is $10 per session. Register for the entire series by June 1st and pay only $30 for all four sessions. Required readings are available for $15 prior to the first meeting (for a description and excerpts go to www.redstockings.org). No one is turned away due to inability to pay. Childcare will be provided at no additional cost (please confirm childcare in advance). To register or for more information, call (352) 337-2693 or email nicolehardin@gmail.com

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