Support the Department of Peace
Harris Max
February 2006

Who in their right mind isn't for peace? That's like asking, "Who isn't against torture?" Well, we all sadly know the answer to that one. And yet, with enough arm-twisting from former P.O.W. John McCain, "President" Bush was forced to relent.

We know how fun (and easy) it is to take shots at the already lame-duck leader, what with the almost weekly admissions of impeachable offenses (can someone explain to me the difference between Nixon's offense and the wiretapping of Christiane Amanpour and her hubby/Kerry senior staffer Jamie Rubin?). The trick is to be for something.

The Department of Peace legislation would create a cabinet level post to, "research, articulate and facilitate nonviolent solutions to domestic and international conflict." With 62 co-sponsors already in the House, and a companion bill in the Senate, the bill already has vast support.

Domestically, the bill addresses domestic violence and child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, inmate rehabilitation, school and gang violence, hate crimes, civil rights and labor law and ethnic tolerance. Local programs that have succeeded would be introduced around the nation.

Internationally, the bill addresses the root causes of global conflict, prevention and de-escalation of armed conflict, post-conflict reconstruction in war-torn societies, training of civilian peacekeepers, nonviolent communication-based peace summits and monitoring of U.S. arms sales.

Tired of dropping 6-7 billion each month on fighting terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan? Here's what to do. Visit to see the latest successes for the D.O.P. legislation and to become a sustaining member. Call Rep. Stearns at:
(202) 225-5744

or e-mail him at:

and ask for his support of HR 3760 for the Department of Peace legislation. Thank Corrinne Brown in District 3 for already signing on. In the Senate, ask for support of S. 1756 from:

Have your voice in that Cabinet meeting telling the President there is another option. Show the world this violent nightmare of recent U.S. history is an aberration. Be able to tell your grandchildren how you helped create more peace in the world. Give (the Department of) Peace a chance.

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