New progressive website launched locally
February 2006

The Sun State Activist, founded by Gainesville resident Jerry Rose, began publication of a website in January at:

Aimed at "empowering Florida's progressive community," the site lists and describes organizations and events of interest to progressives at all levels from the local to the international, and provides continually updated information and opinion on topics ranging from peace and war and environmental justice through drug policy and women's issues. It allows viewers to express freely their views and opinions and contains such features as a "be an activist" guide for becoming more involved in current issues and an "activist of the month" profile of an individual in Florida who has shown exemplary involvement in civic issues. The first portions of the site were published on January 28 and the full site will be appearing over the next several weeks. Users are encouraged to actively involve themselves in the development of the site.

Films for these times video series
The Sun State Activist is offering a monthly series of documentary videos that address in provocative ways some of the more important issues of our time. They will be held on Saturdays at the Millhopper Library, 3145 NW 43rd St., Gainesville, admission is free. Each showing will be accompanied by a discussion moderated by a person conversant with the issues raised in that film. The next showing is:

Uses the stories of immigrants from Bolivia, Haiti and the Philippines to show the double blow of a global economy that devastates their home countries and relegates them to marginal economic roles in the United States.

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