Stetson Kennedy's 89th birthday party
September 2005

He worked with Zora Neale Hurston...
He infiltrated and exposed the KKK ...
He was a good friend of Woody Guthrie...
He authored:
The Klan Unmasked
Jim Crow Guide to the South
Southern Exposure
Palmetto Country
and After Appomattox:
How the South Won the War...

He's STETSON KENNEDY and he's turning 89!

Celebrate with him
on Wednesday, October 5, 2005
at the Matheson Museum,
513 E. University Ave. in Gainesville

7 p.m. munchies, drinks and mingling
8 p.m. music, speakers, Q&A
9:30 p.m. mingling until 10:15

Donation Request: $7-12 to benefit Civic Media Center and the Stetson Kennedy Foundation. Co-sponsored by the Civic Media Center and the Matheson Museum.
Info: 352 378-5655

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