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January 2005

Striking unions ask for international support

A report from the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq (FWCUI), on labor struggles in Iraq.

January 2005--Since its establishment the FWCUI has been organizing and mobilizing workers to defend their rights and maintain their unity in their struggles and uphold their ideals. FWCUI has been organizing in the middle of cross-fire between the two poles of international terrorism led by the US and political Islam. The recent very successful conference of workers in Basra centered around the slogan of "the power of the working class is in its unity and organization" has provided a new vision for the workers struggle in Iraq as well as a model for organizing and unity.

Since the Basra conference we have witnessed a marked increase in activities and the formation of a number of branches of FWCUI in many workplaces and factories. Such developments have attracted the attention of the authorities in the cities of Baghdad, Basra and Saharaban. Labor activists have been threatened by the authorities and prevented from joining FWCUI.

Now a new wave of heroic strikes have swept industries like the Textile in the city of Kut, in which the workers were suppressed and shot at by the authorities, also the strike of Electricity Power Station in Nasriyah, the chemical, and plastic industry, and soft drink factory workers in Baghdad, and in Basra Electricity Power Station.

The main demands of these workers are the right to strike and the right to organization. Increase in wages linked to inflation, ban on overtime, improved health and safety standards, payment of annual bonuses and in many occasions replacement of corrupt mangers and administration. ... More information about the workers strikes in detail could be found on our web page:

These series of successful strikes in which the workers managed to impose their demands on the US appointed Interim Government and the bosses was a major step forward for workers in their daily struggle. The workers in Iraq, more than ever, during these crucial times need your support. International political, moral and financial support will give our movement in Iraq continuity and motivation to fight for more rights.

Electoral program of the Iraqi Left

January 5, 2005-Main Points of the Program of People's Unity (Ittihad Al-Shaab) Electoral List:

People's Unity (Ittihad Al-Shaab) List is a coalition electoral list that includes 275 Iraqi Communists, democrats and independent patriotic and social figures, with 91 women candidates, covering all Iraq's provinces. The candidates represent the full social, ethnic and religious spectrum of Iraqi society.

The participants struggle to achieve a host of objectives, including:

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