Wheels of Justice bus visits G'ville
January 2005

In late January, the Gainesville peace and justice community will host the "Wheels of Justice" bus. Members of Voices in the Wilderness, the Al-Awda.org Palestine Right to Return Coalition, and affiliates of the International Solidarity Movement are on the road in a colorfully decorated full-size school bus for the Wheels of Justice Tour. Starting in mid-August 2003, this tour has canvassed the United Sates to challenge and educate North Americans on the occupation of Palestine and Iraq.

Having seen and lived with war, terror and occupation in Iraq and Palestine, participants in the Wheels of Justice offer first-hand experience irrespective of partisan politics and sound bite sloganeering. To build upon the growing domestic opposition to war against Iraq and occupation of Palestine, the Wheels of Justice Tour has covered the United States with education, outreach, training, active non-violent resistance, and community-building. They will spend most of January in Florida. If you want a speaker for a class, meeting, service, or gathering in the Gainesville area between Jan. 26 and Jan. 30th call Joe at 352 378-5655. Speakers are prepared to make presentations in grade and high schools, college classes, and other audiences.


The Wheels of Justice Bus Tour has been infiltrated by George Shrub the singing CIA agent. Shrub will join the tour Jan 12 - Feb 20, spinning his musical insurgency and "edutaining" audiences across the South. Tune in and beware...see and listen to George at www.davelippman.com before homeland security comes knocking on your door!

George Shrub has been traveling throughout his globalized domain, sharing his Point of View (the Right One) so that people won't need their own. He employs anti-folk songs and interventionary anthems to explain (and enforce) that the business of America is none of your business.

See him Jan. 29th at the Matheson Museum, 513 E. Univ. Ave. 8 p.m. Tickets are available at Wild Iris Books and Goerings ($7) or at the door ($10). Info: 352 378-5655.

Gainesville events

Wednesday, Jan. 26, 7 pm, Civic Media Center, 1021 W. University Ave.
Thursday, Jan. 27, 7-9 p.m., Reitz Union at UF, room number TBA, sponsored by Nakba 48.
Friday, Jan. 28, 7-9 p.m. at Emmanuel Mennonite Church, 1320 W. University Ave.
Saturday, Jan. 29th. Dave Lippman/George Shrub concert. Gainesville hosts a visit--involuntarily--by the world's only known singing CIA agent, George Shrub. 8 p.m. at the Matheson Museum, 513 E. University Ave. Tickets are $7 advance, $10 at the door. Attendance optional but strongly suggested. See p. 24.

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