Candidate Bruderly condemns Congress for failing to repeal library provisions of Patriot Act
Joshua Azriel
July/August 2004

Gainesville, July 12-- Late last week, the U.S. House of Representatives failed to reverse by just one vote the provisions of the Patriot Act that allow the government to investigate records from libraries and booksellers.

"I call upon my opponent, Clifford Stearns, to reverse his position on this issue and restore Americans' privacy when it comes to the books they choose to read," says Dave Bruderly, the 6th District Democratic Congressional candidate.

"Congressman Stearns has a blind obedience to what the Bush administration says needs to be done to protect Americans in the war on terrorism. This includes a radical, Orwellian policy such as spying on library records."

The library proposal would have barred the federal government from demanding library records, reading lists, book customer lists, and other materials in terrorism and intelligence investigations.

"Over 330 communities across the country oppose this legislation. It's only common sense that terrorists aren't going to be at a library checking out materials in the open. They're a little smarter than that. Unfortunately, my opponent, Representative Stearns, is not leading the fight to restore privacy to Americans' library records."

Normally, the House allows members 15 minutes to vote, but the vote remained open for an additional 20 minutes so the Republicans could twist the arms of members to change their vote. The extra voting time resulted in a 210 - 210 tie which killed the bill.

"Every American should feel secure knowing they can take their children to the library and check out whatever books they want to. If elected I will lead the fight in Congress to safeguard Americans' privacy at the libraries. I will fight and vote against any erosion to our liberties."

If you are interested in helping the Bruderly campaign, check out the website at where you can sign up online to become a volunteer. You can also contact campaign headquarters at 352-379-7230.

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