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Marxism 2004
May/June 2004

Central London 9 - 16 July

Government spin-doctors, academics, corporations and the media tell us that capitalism works, that Iraq is better off after the war, and that Britain is a democracy. Yet the experience of millions of people contradicts this.

They don't see how a system that leaves 1 billion people living on less than a $1 a day is working. They don't see how, with over 25,000 dead, more dying every day, and no democracy, the Iraq war was a success.

They don't understand how Britain can be democratic when time after time the government ignores the wishes of the people.

That's why millions across Britain and the world have resisted. They have protested, demonstrated and gone on strike.

They have also gathered together to talk about what's happening in the world, debate the best strategies for resistance, the experience and lessons of past struggles, and crucially what the alternative is.

Marxism 2004 will see these debates and discussions continue. It brings together from across Britain and the world activists from many unions and social movements, speakers, writers and campaigners. Over the course of the event they will take part in over 250 separate meetings, forums, debates, discussions and cultural events.

Why not come along, ask questions, seek answers, and meet other activists?

Speakers confirmed already this year include:
Tariq Ali author of The Clash of Fundamentalisms and Bush in Babylon; Samir Amin author of books including The Liberal Virus: Permanent War and the Americanization of the World; Walden Bello from Focus on the Global South; Tony Benn; Sue Bond vice-president of the PCS; Alex Callinicos author of books including An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto and The New Mandarins of American Power; Jeremy Dear general secretary of the NUJ; George Galloway the anti-war MP; Luciana Genro a deputy in the Brazilian parliament expelled from the Workers Party for resisting neo-liberalism; Lindsey German convenor of the Stop the War Coalition; Kate Hudson chair ofCND; Ursula Huws Professor of International Labour Studies at London Metropolitan University and many more... listed at:

LOCAL CONTACT: Alan 352 336-4700 or write

Marxism 2004 is organised by the Socialist Workers Party

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