April 2004

Granny D's camper "Granny D.," the 93-year-old Doris Haddock, who walked across the country for campaign finance reform in 2000, is now touring around Florida in this camper (at left) registering women to vote. On March 6th she spoke at Democracy Fest, an event in downtown Gainesville to address the discouragement and disconnection from politics much of the public feels. In even the most publicized elections, less than half the eligible population votes. Granny D blames the "posterization of candidates into comic book colors. It is more like professional sports promotion."

"While the campaigns do that, we the people have to use the issues to get to our friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors, and open their eyes to where their self-interest resides in this battle of dumbed down warriors. They will not get this information from the campaigns." More can be found at www.GrannyD.com

[photo by Connie Canney]

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