Community Coalition Against War and Terrorism
Teach-in: Media and the war in Iraq, Feb. 1
Pierce Butler
January/February 2004

By now, nearly everyone (except perhaps habitual Fox News viewers) knows that the Bush gang lied about its reasons for invading and conquering Iraq: the alleged links to terrorists, the rumored weapons of mass destruction, the purported concern for Iraqi citizens, and so on.

Long before the war drums began to beat, plenty of evidence was available to show that none of these claims held any truth - but the US mainstream media obediently parroted each White House accusation, not even pausing to mention the inconsistencies from one's week's version to the next.

Those outside the U.S. saw a different picture in their news, as did Americans who closely followed the alternative media. What were those differences, and how do they match up to what we're learning now (and what the major news services continue to tell us, and not to tell us)?

Gainesville's Community Coalition Against War and Terrorism (CCAWT) is sponsoring its first teach-in of 2004 to look at these questions, at the Downtown Library conference room on Sunday, February 1, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.

The three confirmed panelists (at press time) are recognized media experts, with extensive backgrounds in journalism, documentary production, etc; two have years of experience in the Middle East.

The discussion will feature excerpts from media reportage chosen by the presenters, and an in-depth question-and-answer period. Participation is free, and parking is available at and around the library on the corner of E. University Ave and SE 4th Ave.

The local Kucinich for President campaign is planning a series of public forums on issues of importance to the campaign. Each forum will involve a panel of speakers on various aspects of the subject, with a large amount of time devoted to questions and other input from interested members of the audience. Except for the first, which is already scheduled, the time and place of each forum will be advertised in local media and will be posted at the campaign website, Anyone wishing to participate as a speaker for one of the forums or wanting other information may call 378-8858.

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