Eastside Highschool Presents A Midsummer Night's Dream
Sarah Hoit
November/December 2003

For reasons unbeknownst to me there remain people who have an active dislike for Shakespeare. If you are one of those people let that not dissuade you from reading the remainder of this article. I assert that this malady is curable, by experiencing Shakespeare as it was meant to be experienced; at the theater. Most people gain their dislike of The Bard from being forced to read his plays in school. Also a little known fact:

Shakespeare had a sense of humor, especially concerning the perverse, he had to keep the peasants entertained. "I wooed thee with my sword." Yeah, he doesn't mean sword.

So I reach my point, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"; a great intro to Shakespeare, one of my favorites, and arguably one of his funniest works. Basically there's a love rectangle, fairies, and donkeys. What could be better? Why yes, you guessed it there's a twist. Revamping, or no, Eastside's production allows the true light of why Shakespeare is so famous to shine through. The show runs November 13th, 14th, and 15th at 7 o'clock pm and lives up to its claim, "All the joys of daytime T.V. in iambic pentameter." If you would like more information call Eastside at 955-6704.

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