The first complete reunion of the fabulous Rhythm & Blues Revue
November/December 2003

Don't miss the first complete reunion of the fabulous Rhythm & Blues Revue! This popular Gainesville dance band of the 80's featured a great rhythm section, a 3-piece horn section, and our own Hogtown Blues Brothers!

The band retired after Blues Brother Elwood (Greg Webb) left to move to Minnesota. Now he's back, for the first time in 7 years, and you are invited to celebrate with the R & B Revue. Dance your socks off at the United Training Center, W. University and 8th Street, on Sat., Nov. 22nd.

The show will open at 8:00 with original music from Dancing Light, a contemporary acoustic folk duo featuring Greg and his wife, Kiki Webb.

Call 376-2489 for more information.

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