Noam Chomsky to speak in Gainesville October 21
October 2003

Yes, the rumors are true, leading dissident and outstanding analyst of U.S. power Noam Chomsky will speak in Gainesville on Tuesday, October 21 at the O'Connell Center, 8 p.m. Chomsky is also a legendary linguist and professor at MIT. The event is free and open to the public.

The visit was initiated by the Civic Media Center to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and is co-sponsored by Accent at the University of Florida, along with many other community and student groups, as well as individual donors.. Chomsky last spoke here 10 years ago for the opening of the CMC.

Indian writer Arundhati Roy says of Chomsky: "After September 11, the mainstream media's blatant performance as the U.S Government's propaganda machine has only served to highlight the business of 'managing' public opinion. The resultant 'mistrust of the mass media' would at best be a political hunch or at worst a loose accusation, if it were not for the relentless and unswerving media analysis of one of the world's greatest minds. And this is only one of the ways in which Noam Chomsky has radically altered our understanding of the society in which we live. Rationally and empirically, he has unmasked the ugly, manipulative, ruthless American universe that exists behind the word 'freedom,'" (From the introduction to a new edition of Noam Chomsky's For Reasons of State, New Press, 2003.)

For more info, call the CMC, 373-0010.

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