Palestinian Film Festival
May 2003

Where: Emmanuel Mennonite Church, 1320 W. University Ave Gainesville
When: May 22nd - June 14th, 2003

Thursday, May 22 (at Emmanuel Mennonite Church) 6:00 opening
7:00 p.m.: Introduction by Scott Camil
7:30: Jenin Jenin

Saturday, May 24 (Emmanuel Mennonite Church, 7:30 PM) Cactus

Wednesday, May 28
Tale of Three Jewels (UF, REITZ UNION Rm: 282, 7:30 PM)

Saturday, May 31st (Emmanuel Mennonite Church, 7:30 PM)
Film from Lebanon -Beirut Story

Wednesday, June 4 (UF, REITZ UNION Rm: B-60, 7:30 PM)
People and the Land
Frontiers of Dreams and Fears

Saturday, June 7 (Emmanuel Mennonite Church, 7:30 PM):
Going Home

Wednesday, June 11 (UF, REITZ UNION Rm: 282, 7:30 PM)
Canticle of the Stones

Saturday, June 14 (Emmanuel Mennonite Church, 7:30 PM)
Gaza Strip

Free admission: Donations are welcomed

Sponsored by:
CCAWT (Community Coalition against War and Terrorism)
Emmanuel Mennonite Church (Gainesville, Fl)
Nakba 48 (University of Florida)
Civic Media Center (Gainesville, Fl)
Veterans for Peace (Gainesville, Fl)

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