Right wing agenda for public schools: Video games?
May 2003

Peter Brimelow, author of "A Worm in the Apple: How Teacher Unions are Destroying American Education" revealed more of the right-wing's anti-public school agenda at a recent talk at the libertarian Cato Institute.

"We have to clean the apple and extract the worm by marketizing education with vouchers and tax credits" he said, according to an article in a union magazine published in May. "He also thinks conservatives should hit unions with anti-trust lawsuits, work to overturn state collective bargaining laws, and encourage home schooling of children" the article notes. "Brimelow recounted that some of his friends home school their children two hours a day and let them play video games the rest of the time-proving, he said, that education can be delivered more efficiently than it is now."

Source: May 2003 America @ Work, p. 22.

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