Living wages against the law?
May 2003

The Republican-dominated Florida Legislature paused in its squabbling long enough to pass a bill (SB 54/ HB 321) that prohibits local governments from setting a wage higher than the federal minimum wage.

Supporters 'living wage' campaigns are urging Governor Jeb Bush to veto the legislation. This bill is aimed to prohibit local living wage ordinances, such as that passed in Miami-Dade County, and which living wage supporters have been working on in Alachua County.

It's unclear just what the state ban would cover, but the goal is clearly to keep wages low across Florida so that businesses will be able to make more money off of the work of Floridians, unaffected by the public's demands for decent wages.

You can send a letter to Jeb! via the Miami-Dade Human Services Coalition website:

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