Statewide peace meeting May 31 on next steps for the movement
May 2003

Many people are looking for answers in the face of the current occupation of Iraq and impending US aggressions against many other countries, as well as injustices inside this country.

The Florida Alliance for Peace and Social Justice invites you and your organization to participate in our teach-in/organizational conference on May 31st in Gainesville.

Let's join forces to show that the "Peace Movement" in Florida is still on the Move! We can build a movement that goes beyond protest of a single war and calls for genuine world peace on a foundation of Justice!

The Florida Alliance for Peace and Social Justice (St. Petersburg) and the Community Coalition Against War and Terrorism (Gainesville) are presenting a teach-in, open discussion and organizational meeting on May 31st, 9 am to 5 pm, at the Wilhelmina Johnson Center, 321 NW 10th St., Gainesville, Florida.

The Florida Alliance For Peace and Social Justice (FAPSJ) is an organization made up of coordinating organizations and individuals from throughout the state which work for peace and social justice. We have identified the urgent need to combine our voices against war and in support of true peace through social justice. The Alliance does not take the place of any organization but rather allows our members to benefit from our collective strength on issues and principles committed to a long-term strategy for peace on earth through social justice and national liberation of all oppressed people and the occupation of their land. We support the sovereignty, self-determination and right of all people to their own land and to their resources. We call on all people through out the state that want true peace in this world to reject any peace that comes at the expense of these human rights and to join our call for Peace through social justice

Panelists include: Dan Berger, Colors of Resistance; Zoharah Simmons, UF Professor and activist; representatives of the following organizations: American Indian Movement, Mayan Exile Community, Union del Barrio, African Peoples Solidarity Committee, the Uhuru Movement, African Peoples Socialist Party. Recent slides from Iraq will also be presented.

The Alliance believes that we must act now to build a genuine long-term strategic Peace Movement with goals to stop all US wars of colonial aggression. The Alliance believes that the only true peace is peace with justice, peace built on notional liberation and self-determination for oppressed peoples around the world and in the United States.

Florida Alliance for Peace and Social Justice principles of Unity: Support Peace, oppose War; support social justice and liberation in the US and around the world; support Civil Liberties, oppose racial and religious attacks and bigotry; support the universal human rights of all people; oppose all forms of terrorism; respect the ideological and political beliefs of the members within the Alliance; conduct Alliance activities in adherence with the principles of nonviolence.

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